Contactless Entertainment

The opening night of Smoke & Mirrors @ma
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Andrew is a forward thinking Mentalist & Magician and has worked hard over the last few months developing his act so that it ensures complete safety and comfort for his audience. 


Andrew has created an incredible online zoom show perfect for Friday Zoom drinks or a gift for an individual staff member still working from home. 


The beauty of Andrew's act is that he is a mind reader. He doesn't need people to pick playing cards or handle objects. He has a complete act that involves nothing but people and their minds. 

This alone ensures that there isn't any contact with his audience and ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved until this difficult time passes.

How can he help? 

Andrew is currently offering advice to any company or person who requires information on how they can ensure the saftery of their clientele and staff during this time. Please get in contact for more info

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.