With over ten years of experience as a specialist entertainer, Andrew is the natural choice for increasing the impact of any event, from the exclusively intimate right through to large crowds.

A lot of companies have experienced and appreciate Andrew's unique skill-set enough to send him anywhere in the world they need to make a definite impact.


Andrew follows the philosophy that each event is unique and there isn't a one size fits all solution. That's why he creates a bespoke solution for your event, providing as much consultation as needed to ensure your event is a huge success.

For times when you want to entertain your guests on a larger stage, Andrew can utilise his mind reading based entertainment known as 'Mind Games".


When you require Andrew's charismatic engaging style without any entertainment, Andrew can also offer his services as a high-impact key-note speaking.




Roving Entertainment

Wait til you see the look on your guests faces when you see Andy read their minds!


This is Andrew's specialty, your friends & family will be left picking their jaws off the floor after he works the room. Even the most skeptical amongst your group will be left bamboozled when he successfully climbs inside their minds revealing their pin numbers, memories and sticks their feet to the floor!

People remember two things about the parties that they go to: The fun & the food! 

The opening night of Smoke & Mirrors @ma

Mind Games


'Andy Nunn is know to influence his audience better than Mark Zuckerberg…' 


Mind games is a fun, interactive show that brings the whole audience together for a memorable moment that is perfect addition to Christmas parties, EOFY events & workshops. 


There are no paid actors, stooges or trapdoors! Just Andy playing with your thoughts. Each performance is unique, ridiculous and if it wasn’t for the audience members involved being your friends & colleagues you’d swear it was all set up. 


His act can go anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour and requires minimal floor space- This show contains pieces from Andy’s Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021 performance “wanderlust




'Andrew is absolutely incredible!! He stunned and amazed all our wedding guests with some mind blowing magic'

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Wedding Entertainment

This is the one time in your life that every person you love will be in the same room. Andrew has over 15 years experience at performing at weddings & he knows the importance of using his skills to bring friends and family together,


Below are a few options Andrew suggests can help add to your already magical day: 

Roving Entertainment

Finding unique entertainment that caters for all your friends & family can be difficult. Andy is an expert at breaking the ice and bringing groups together.

During the reception, while photos are being taken, Andy will mingle with your friends & family enhancing the buzz of your special day. 

Wait til you see the look on your guests faces when you see Andy read their minds!


This is Andrew's specialty, get in touch today to discuss about how this could fit in your day. 

Wedding Celebration

Wedding Show

The perfect way to conclude your wedding receptions, breakfast, Andy will mesmerise your whole group with mind blowing magic & mentalism. 


This is a funny & interactive performance to the whole group. Andrew can design his show to be bespoke for your evening, incorporating certain family & friends within his performance. Please get in touch to discuss how 

Gay Couple on their Wedding

The Full Package

Andrew can create a bespoke package to help enhance your special day. 


Many couples request roving throughout the day and a finale show towards the end of the special day. Andrew can provide a free consultation on how this would look- please get touch to find out more.