Mind Games

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Would you like to entertain your guests with an impressive stage performance?


As a highly professional artist Andew Nunn is flexible enough to adapt his performances to the available stage technology. Additional equipment can of course be provided on request.

An incredible demonstration of mind reading and psychological fun, 'Mind Games' is the booking of choice for many corporate clients.

Typically an 30 minutes in length, this interactive performance can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. The show will give your corporate event a truly remarkable touch that will leave your guests astounded.

Whether for ten guests or hundreds of your most valued corporate clients. Andrew will read minds and predict actions in ways you would not believe possible.


He is an entertainer of the highest calibre and will make your event truly unique in today’s modern business world. The show can be customised and tailored to your companies specific requirements. If you are having a launch party, or national conference, Andrew can create bespoke demonstrations to reinforce your companies ethos or specific message.

Andrews 'Mind Games"show is guaranteed to get everyone talking for all the right reasons. The performance will leave them enthralled and amazed, creating memories for years to come. If you are currently planning your event and would like a free consultation then please get in touch.