3 Reasons a Magician Can Make Your Corporate Event Mind Blowing

Corporate Event

Choosing entertainment for corporate events can often get more and more challenging every year. Hiring a magician can be the perfect antidote for making it the event of the year. Events perfect for a magician:

  • EOFY party

  • Produce launches

  • Cocktail parties

  • End of year event

3 reasons why you should hire a magician

1- Entertainment

Magic is booming and currently one of the major talking topics across the world. Magicians are becoming house hold names, like: Dynamo, Derren Brown and David Blaine. It's an art form that keeps on growing and appeals to everyone.

2- Impact

The simple fact of having a magician at your event can break the ice in an instant. A professional magician can mingle amongst your guests engaging them and bring everyone together. There is no other form of entertainment like it.

2- Cost

The cost of a magician at your event is actually great value. The average buffet costs $23/head in Australia. When you consider one of the top magicians performing for 200 guests for up to 2 hours would charge around $1000. That's $5/head, you don't get much better value for your money. Have a look at my other blog about how much a magician costs to find out more.

A top magician will create moments of wonder that will leave your guests with memories that last a lifetime. It doesn't matter how good your sandwiches are, they will be forgotten by the morning.

Hire a magician now?

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