How much does a Sydney Magician cost!

Are you hiring a magician for the first time? Are you struggling to find out how much a magician in Sydney costs? Before I give you some information, I think it's important to discuss why you would want a magician in the first place.

Why a Magician?

Corporate entertainment

Choosing corporate entertainment can be more and more challenging each year. Hiring the right magician can bring stakeholders together and create an unforgettable event.

Whether you want a magician for an annual event, EOFY party or product launch the entertainment is often unique and engaging.

Wedding entertainment

Have you considered what your guests will do while the photos are being taken or when guests are waiting for others to arrive at the reception? A magician is a great way to break up the day and have everyone enjoying every aspect of the wedding. 

Private Party

When it's that time of year to invite friends and family to an event. The reality is we all have little sub groups of friends who never really meet and quite often will have different interests. A quick way to get your friends and family conversing and having a great time is to give them a point of interest.

Different levels of Magician

You've decided that a magician will be perfect for your event. Now you need to decide what level of magician you want:

Amateur/hobbyist - this is someone with a couple of years experience. They could have the skills to entertain but quite often their confidence and ability to adapt to any situation maybe inadequate. They probably haven't gained the experience it takes to entertain guests to the level that you may require.

Semi Professional-  This is someone with much more experience at performing. They will often have at least 5 years experience under their belt. They will have the confidence to connect with your guests and create jaw dropping entertainment. They will act professionally

Professional- This type of magician is someone who has a vast amount of performance experience under their belt. In terms of skills , they are very similar to a semi professional but have a higher demand. They can charge higher amounts due to the caliber of their clients. They will perform at celebrity events and high end corporate functions. If your budget allows it then you would be wise to choose a professional magician

The Cost

The cost of hiring a magician can vary for so many different reasons.

Typical reasons:

  • Duration

  • Location

  • Event type

  • Performance type

  • Level of experience

Because of this giving an accurate cost of magician in Sydney can be very difficult. The best way for you to work this out is the cost per head at your event. The average buffet costs $23/head and I can tell you that if you hire a magician they will talk more about him than the food.

Hobbyist: Average $3-5/person. Example- 50 people $250

Semi Professional- $5-8/person Example- 100 people $500-$800

Professional- $6-20/person Example- 100 people $600-2000

The important thing to notice is even the professional magician will be cheaper than the buffet. These prices don't include many of the other variable that come into play.

'The average buffet costs $23/head'

Getting a Quote

Now you have a rough idea what a magician costs. The best thing you can do is contact a couple of magicians and get an estimated quote. Make sure you give enough details about your event:

  • Duration

  • Location

  • Type of magic - Roving/Stage

  • Typical age ranges


What happens if the quote is too high?

Let the magician know that you cannot afford that amount. They will often be able to negotiate or put you in touch with a good magician who is within your budget. Remember the difference between a semi-professional and professional is often only the level of demand.

Which magician should I choose?

There are many top magicians in Sydney that could be perfect for you next event. Google is a great way to discover the magicians in your area or go to the sites below: (mysite) Dare2Entertain can offer the complete entertainment package at your next event. With multiple world-class magicians, musicians, photographer and DJ's to meet all your entertainment needs.

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