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Roving Entertianment

Andy knows how to work the room, bringing new topics of conversation to life. His style is playful and even the biggest sceptics in the room will be left picking their jaws off the floor. 


This approach is great at breaking the ice and bringing people together because it maximises entertainment and audience participation without compromising the flow of the event.


The engaging nature of this type of entertainment ensures that guests can mingle with each other, enjoy some entertainment or both.

The opening night of Smoke & Mirrors was a huge success to a sell out crowd_edited.jpg

Stage or Parlour

Reconnected - 20 minutes - 1 Hour 

'Reconnected' is a fun, interactive show that brings the whole audience together for a memorable moment that is the perfect addition to most events. 


There are no paid actors, stooges or trapdoors! Just Andy playing with your thoughts. Each performance is unique, ridiculous and if it wasn’t for the audience members involved being your friends & colleagues you would swear it was all set up. 


His act can go anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour and requires minimal floor space-

Special Package - 

A prediction sends a package before the event to someone special - This is the perfect finale and way to make someone feel valued.

Personalised Video Prediction - 

Combining technology and magic can indeed heighten any event. Andrew can create a personalised video that makes a truly magical moment that will blow your guests away (Projector required) 

Hybrid event option -

Andrew has experience in adding something extra to your virtual event. 

Themed show - 

Do you have a particular company value or message you want to deliver? Andrew can personalise the show to create something unique. It will be a moment to remember by your whole team

Also provided with booking -

  • 20 years experience

  • Wireless mic 

  • Pre-event planning & briefing session (1 hour via zoom)

  • Performance satisfaction guarantee - see performer contract for more details




What's included & Optional Extras