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Guaranteed to create a buzz and generate more sales at your exhibition stand, Andrew is the perfect trade show entertainment to attract new clients and build lasting relationships




♣ ATTRACT a record sized crowd to your Stand.
♠ COMMUNICATE your sales message 
♥ AMAZE your prospects and create a unique memory
♦ SUCCESS is measured in quality/quantifiable leads.

Andrew is an expert attention-grabber. He uses his skills as a magician & 10 years in business development to draw in a crowd quickly and professionally, blowing away your new potential clients.

Andrew customises his whole show around your company message. 

Performing at exhibition stand, Andrew can increase footfall by up to 250% (according to his clients) and by focusing on your goals in a professional, creative and innovative way, he can help generate quality leads each and every time.

Working regularly with a number of international brands across Australia, at the most prestigious exhibitions, Andrew truly knows the benefits of standing out from the crowd. 

Performing with @leaseplan at HR Leaders